Rocco Nepremičnine: Vila Madeleine

About the building and the environment

At the beginning of the twentieth century, elements of Art Noeveau dominated in Ljubljana, and the population affected by the economic, scientific and cultural explosion experienced lightness. In the spirit of this peace of mind, Villa Madeleine was built on Veselova Street in 1902, which has always met the needs of its residents for decades.

Elite location
Quality construction
Higher standard equipment
Villa Madeleine
Villa Madeleine
Villa Madeleine
23m M
Ljubljanska Opera 33

The new building of the same name with eight upscale housing units also meets all the needs of modern bourgeois life. The classic design and solid decor create a feeling of longevity, while airiness, openness and brightness give you the freedom of a modern lifestyle.

Elite location in the center of the town

The elite location, located in the center, provides a constant business environment without unnecessary searches for parking, art programs from leading cultural and leisure institutions in the vicinity, and a short walk from the hotel you can make trips out of town.

Elite location

Vila Madeleine
Villa Madeleine
Villa Madeleine

In addition to all this, a view of the Old Town of Ljubljana, above which the Ljubljana Castle towers, Villa Madelaine has the luxury that only a few residents of the capital can afford today.

Spectacular views of the Ljubljana Castle