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Mademoiselle Madeleine
Meet Madame Madeleine

“Dear Madame Madeleine!

Perhaps, by reading this letter, You will think that I am completely insane! And I have to admit: my hand trembles while writing these lines, but the heart trembles more. Since the moment I saw you in Gaull's salon, my thoughts are only about you now. Therefore, I would drown again in your clear, as a color of a mountain lake, blue eyes...”

Mademoiselle Madeleine reading letter
Getting off the train was a bit slow. The night was quiet and the enthusiasm of the past days has subsided. She is no longer so sure about the correctness of her decision. She is tormented by doubts whether she will be able to get the life she dreamed about in this unknown city. Besides, she met with Mr. Jacob only a few times...
Ljubljana Railway Station
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Miklošičeva Street
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For a moment she stops. People laugh and everything around is peaceful. It provides comfort. Perhaps it was the moment when she has found her city.
Taxi Coach
Welcome, Madam! How was your trip? let me help you
Absolutely. Please, where are you heading to? I'll get you there.
Mademoiselle Madeleine
How sweet of you! Is the city’s rhythm always so easy?
Zemljevid Ljubljane
Krisper's House
Krisper's House 1900-1901

Miklošičeva Street 20

Grand Hotel Union
Grand Hotel Union 1903-1905

Miklošičeva street 1

Hauptmann's House
Hauptmann's House 1904

Wolf Street 2

The National Printing House
The National Printing House 1903-1904

Tomšičeva Street 1

Mladika, girls' lyceum and boarding school
Mladika, girls' lyceum and boarding school 1906–1912

Prešernova Street 25

Taxi Coach
Madam, we have almost arrived... Villa Madeleine is located at the end of Veselova Street.
Her heart fluttered. Could it be that Jacob named his house in her honor? And that he lives on the street of "happiness"? A smile has appeared on her face and her eyes sparkled in a new way.
Mademoiselle Madeleine Quote
The sound of hooves is muffled in the street of happy people. The doors open and she sees in front of her a young man much higher than she remembered. They kiss her hand, but hopes for more. For a few moments they look at each other and he squeezes her in his arms. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices the might of the Ljubljana castle and realizes that she will remain.
She found a home.
Villa Madeleine
Mademoiselle Madeleine
Do you also think that Vila Madeleine healed for real, only with the arrival of the lady in whose honor she was named? What an art! Allegedly a passionate collector of contemporary sculptures. So they found happiness ... I'm happy for them. Do you think so? Her outfit stands out. Ljubljana ladies will hardly accept her in their circle.